Thursday, March 7, 2013

Set 483

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2809. Approximately 8" long:

Larger image


2811. 7-1/4" long:

Larger image

2812. Someone from Australia is looking to find the purpose of this item:

Larger image

2813. 6" long, submitted by a visitor who would like to identify this wooden piece:

Larger image

2814. 22" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win one of their funny T-shirts:

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At its narrowest the slot is 1-1/2" wide:


2809. This is a "suspension spring for a lamp", for raising or lowering a chandelier or large lamp, patent number 76,317:

Larger image

2810. A bison leather football:

2811. This is probably a fish scaler, other guesses for it include:
-a jar wrench
-a corn sheller
-coin holder
-for stripping material
-a curry comb

Larger image

2812. This one is also still unsolved, several people have suggested that it's for cleaning:
-copy machine components
-window blinds
-electrical terminals
-16mm film
-interchangeable hard disk platter in cartridges

Someone also suggested that it could be for use with developing and fixing solutions in a darkroom.

Just recently heard from the owner that the tool was found in a cabinet that had small wheels and measured about 18"H x 24" x 24", he liked the theory that they were used on copy machine parts or movie film since the cabinet was the right size for holding a copier or projector.

Larger image

2813. Yet another unidentified item this week, guesses for it:
-an African scepter
-an arrow straightener
-wall mounted support for small flags or torches

Larger image

2814. This is a stand for a bicycle, either a penny farthing or a standard bike:

Larger image

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  1. 2810 looks very much like the logo for Manitoba (a buffalo)

    1. It is close to their logo but that's not it.

  2. 2811. could be used to hold coins or strip material... but i am not sure
    2812. reminds me of a similar tool for cleaning a component of a xerox machine.. (also not sure but next time you change the toner cartridge of your printer you may find a similar doohicky)

  3. 2809 A ratchet strap for securing a load on a flatbed truck?

    2812 Looks like the little tool that used to come with some photocopier toner/drum kits for cleaning the corona wires.

  4. 2811 Looks like an old style curry comb for horses.

    1. Could be but I can't find another one like it on the web.

  5. >2812. reminds me of a similar tool for cleaning a component of a xerox machine

    >2812 Looks like the little tool that used to come with some photocopier toner/drum kits for cleaning the corona wires.

    Both sound like good answers but I've had no luck yet verifying them.

  6. 2810-bison leather football
    2812-CD/DVD cleaner

  7. I have to say 2814 looks like the Chinese arts and crafts.

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