Thursday, February 25, 2010

Set 325

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1861. 32" long:

1862. Approximately 36" diameter, in the 1820s a new use was found for this wagon wheel rim which they hung in the town square, the idea here is to determine the new purpose for it:

1863. About 8' long:

1864. 9" tall, from the 1500s:

1865. Almost 7' tall:

1866. Around 8" long, from the 1850s, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this device:

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Larger image


1861. This device was used to tie corn shocks:

1862. The wagon wheel rim was hung in the town square to be used as a fire alarm, it was rung by hand with a piece of metal back in the day when every man in the town was a volunteer fireman.

1863. A harrow, after land was plowed the harrow was pulled over the soil to break up large clumps of dirt.

1864. A rushlight, a small torch made by soaking the dried pith of a rush plant in fat:

1865. A gum tree smokehouse used for curing meat with smoke, this tree section was cut around 1870 and was originally roofed with clapboards.

Another use for a large tree was to make a barn out of it:

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1866. A trap for animals, it has two barrels for firing projectiles and two barbs on the end for holding the animal fast, patent number 17,279:

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It was on display with some knife pistols:

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A couple more knife pistols:

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  1. 1863 Harrow?
    1864: Rushlight holder

  2. 1862 - fire alarm bell?
    1863 - tine harrow
    1866 - whale harpoon

  3. 1866: looks a bit unweildy for a harpoon, could it be for picking up the blubber when you're flensing the whale?

  4. 1861 looks like it could be used as a winch.