Thursday, March 25, 2010

Set 329

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1885. 7" long:

Larger image

Larger image

1886. 8" tall:

1887. This was sent in by a visitor:

1888. An unidentified device that was submitted by a visitor who found it on the side of a road:

It's just less than 2" long:

1889. Around 5-1/2" tall:

1890. 72" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this tool and a chance to win a T-shirt:

Larger image


1885. A mechanical speed indicator, the numbers indicated on the dials are used to calculate the RPM when the point is placed against a rotating shaft for a suitable number of seconds:

Larger image

1886. No verifiable answer yet for this device:

1887. This is most likely either a tamper for sand, dirt, etc., or a ramrod for a cannon:

1888. A valve used to adjust the velocity that paintballs come out of the gun.

1889. This is the mechanism from inside of a collapsible top hat:

Close-up image

1890. A hand operated ice plow, used for finishing out the groove made by a horse drawn ice plow. After the ice plow had made grooves in the ice, an ice saw was used to finish the cut.

Larger image

I posted this ice saw a few years ago, it's 5'-7" long:

In some parts of the country it's known as an ice knife.

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  1. 1885-Tachometer
    1886-Wooden deadbolt latch/lock
    1887-Soil tamper?
    1888-Fuel/air/brake pressure control?
    1889-Hoop skirt makers tool
    1890-Ice harvesting saw

  2. >1885-Tachometer


    >1886-Wooden deadbolt latch/lock

    Not sure about this one

    >1887-Soil tamper?

    Probably correct

    >1888-Fuel/air/brake pressure control?

    Also not sure about this device

    >1889-Hoop skirt makers tool


  3. 1885 - tach
    1890 - Ice groover/saw.

  4. 1888 is the rear plug from a paintball gun with the knob being the velocity adjuster. The set screw secures the adjustment so it can't be changed on the field.


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