Thursday, May 13, 2010

Set 336

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1927. 7-1/2" long:

1928. 9" tall:

1929. Approximately 5" long:

1930. The idea here is to state the purpose of the objects in this field:

1931. 10" long, 12 pounds, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one and a chance to win a prize:

1932. 7" long:


1927. A Disston combination saw set and raker gauge or saw jointer, the saw set is the slot in the round part on the end. This tool is missing its file that would have been used as a saw jointer to level the teeth of a saw prior to sharpening.

1928. An anchor plate or bearing plate, it's connected to a through bolt, which ties the wall and floor systems together to give extra support to the wall. In earthquake zones they are sometimes called earthquake bolts, though they are also used in many areas that are not prone to quakes.

An S-brace that was used in the same manner as the star:

1929. This was made to hold a long piece of leather that was used to strop a straight razor:

One of the best money saving ideas that I've heard in the past few years is to strop your own razor at home, disposable razors used to last me only a week but since I've been stropping them they last at least five times as long. I use a pair of blue jeans for a stropper, as seen in this video.

From further research I've learned that keeping the razors dry is equally important to stropping, since oxidation can dull the blades.

1930. Two years ago I drove past this field and wondered what the plastic cylinders were for, a couple weeks ago I saw them once again but this time I pulled over for a closer look. Turns out that they are hutches for roosters.

1931. A naval bar shot, it was fired from a cannon and was designed to rip away an enemy ship's rigging, similar to chain shot.

1932. A beekeeper's wire imbedder (sic), it was used to embed wire into a comb foundation to give it strength, as seen on page 366 of 'The Beekeeper's Guide'.

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  1. 1928: A decorative washer for the end of a horizontal tie rod used to keep brick walls from bowing out.

    1929: Some kind of tool for a leather strop, maybe scraping or polishing?

  2. 1931: I believe that is a "bar shot" used in ship board muzzle loading cannons to tear down rigging and probably anything else gettinng in the way!

  3. 1930: looks like barrels made into small hutches? I've seen those used for chickens, pigs, and dogs.

  4. 1928 is an earthquake stay. it is the end cap (sort of like a giant washer) for a bar that runs thru the house and will restrain the walls in the event of an earthquake. they are all over charleston, sc

  5. 1928: Star anchor.

  6. this is an amazing, beautiful, simple and heartfelt video of a great idea. I'm such a fan of your work! I'd take a bite of dessert off a tree any day.