Thursday, October 14, 2010

Set 358

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2059. 6-1/2" long:

2060. 36" tall:

2061. 4" long:

Larger image
From Bob Roger's collection

2062. 10" long:

Larger image

2063. Around 7' tall:

2064. Someone brought this machine to a tractor show, from his research, he thought it was for shearing shingles because the blade cuts on a taper. This video shows it belted up and cutting for the first time. Since it doesn't cut very good shingles he is looking to find its actual purpose.
You could skip the first minute:


2059. A can opener from Germany:

2060. A Disston saw display stand:

2061. A clothes hook, it could be screwed into a door or wall, patent number D11,889:

Larger image
From Bob Roger's collection

2062. A bottle or jar opener, it helps get a better grip on the lid:

Larger image

2063. No answer yet for this tool, guesses for it:
-for making holes for seedlings
-post hole maker
-for breaking rocks when making a post hole

2064. Haven't been able to verify any of these guesses for the machine:
-kindling cutter
-fodder cutter
-shingle cutter
-for removing bark from logs so they dry faster
-turnip chopper
-shim cutter
-ice cutter
-brush cutter

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  1. 2059 - Can opener
    2060 - Display stand for scimitars
    2061 - Tie-down point for stage scenery
    2062 - Strap wrench
    2063 - Stand-up dibble for planting bulbs
    2064 - Instant death machine.

  2. 2064: A dangerous way to chop turnips or the like for animal feed?

  3. 2059 - can opener

    2061 - corkscrew

    2062 - jar opener

    2063 - post hole starter

  4. 2059 Agree with can opener.
    2062 Agree with jar & bottle lid opener.
    2064 Having operated a few belt drive machines, it looks like this machine is running way too fast to be safe unless it is just a silage chopper, which it probably is not based on the top handle/pusher.

  5. 2064. Besides running too fast to be safe, if it ran slower, it would make better shingles. Also, the blade needs to be sharper and smoother and the stock should be squared off. As Lincoln once said, "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I would spend six hours sharpening my axe."

    - Edward

  6. 2059 - agree with can opener

    2060 - rack for buggy whips

    2061 - agree stage screw/anchor

    2062 - jar opener

    2063 - digging bar, with homemade handles

    2064 - This is probably the most dangerous looking thing I have seen ever - Acme model 300 "Mangulator", also known as a continuous amputation machine.

  7. 2063 is a dibble for setting the lighter intermediate posts in a hop yard.

  8. The belt driven thing IS a shingle cutter, but he's doing it wrong. I think he needs to have the log standing up, and not on it's side...just like you would split it with an axe.