Thursday, June 9, 2011

Set 392

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2263. Around 15" tall:

2264. The largest one is 11-1/2" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

Larger image

2265. Sent in by a visitor who found this about twelve inches away from a four foot diameter tree stump:

Two more images

2266. Approximately 32" long:

2267. About 10" long:

Larger image

2268. The part on the left is 7" long:

Larger image


2263. A dinner pail and lantern, a person could use it light their way as they walked to work, and also to heat their lunch or dinner, patent number 120,442.

2264. These are tools that were used by oyster farmers in Europe:

Larger image

2265. An old steering wheel column that was used for a stake:

Two more images

2266. A Crosley Icy Ball refrigerator, an intermittent heat absorption type of refrigerator that used a water/ammonia mixture as a refrigerant.

2267. No answer yet for this tool:

Larger image

2268. A Negus patent taffrail log for measuring the speed of a boat.

The instructions on the inside of the box read, “This little Log is designed to use on small craft, with Taffrail close to the water. . .the 50 feet line regularly supplied with this Log will give good results in small vessels, up to a speed of 9 or 10 miles . . .”

Patent number 481,241:

Larger image

I own a lot of different tool books but the one that I always use first as a reference is the Dictionary of American Hand Tools: A Pictorial Synopsis (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
It has over 4,500 images and is a great book for learning about about a wide variety of tools.

After much soul searching I've decided to become an Amazon affiliate to help pay for the costs of finding and purchasing items to post here. Please consider purchasing books through my links if you are interested in them, there is no additional cost for the buyer and a small percentage will be paid to my account.

More than 400 very interesting and unusual 'What is it?' type items:

These two books both have great photos of many fascinating old wood working tools.

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  1. 2263. This looks like a diver's lantern.

  2. 2268. Nautical speedometer.

  3. 2268 A Taffrail Log . Used to record a ship's speed when towed behind.

  4. 2267 is ice block tongs from when ice was delivered in block form for ice boxes.

  5. 2265 Worm gear end of a steering shaft from a farm traction engine.

  6. >2263. This looks like a diver's lantern.


    >2268. Nautical speedometer.
    >2268 A Taffrail Log . Used to record a ship's speed when towed behind.


    >2264 Early grafting tool

    That's what I thought when I first saw them but I was told they are for a different purpose.

    >2267 is ice block tongs from when ice was delivered in block form for ice boxes.

    It's too small to carry a block of ice but I guess it could be used to break up pieces of ice.

    >2265 Worm gear end of a steering shaft from a farm traction engine.

    I think steering shaft is correct but don't know exactly what it's from.

  7. 2266. Crosley IcyBall gas-absorption refrigerator. One ball goes inside the insulated chamber and the other outside. It is recharged daily by removing it and heating the hot side over a flame.

  8. I think 2267 is a pair of mill tongs for handling some kind of stock around a rolling mill.

  9. 2267 looks like a tool used in glass blowing to grab and pull hot glass on a blowpipe. When I was in art school, I made a similar tool for my use in my glass blowing class.

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