Thursday, March 19, 2009

Set 276

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1567. Approximately 7" long:

Larger image

1568. 11" long:

From Dan Gaier's collection

1569. 9" tall:

1570. Submitted by a visitor who would like to know what this is for:

1571. 11" long, there was a pair of these, this one is missing the strap at the heel, text on it says "Billard":

1572. 23" long, a hollow cylinder with one closed end:


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  1. 1568. is a clamp for supporting laboratory glassware.

    1572. is a battering ram.

    - Edward

  2. I need to change my suggestion for 1572. It is wonderful what one can learn from reading.

    I once used a tool like this to sink 2 inch fence posts into the ground.

    - Edward

  3. As Edward said, it is a tool to drive metal fence posts into the ground.

  4. >1568. is a clamp for supporting laboratory glassware.

    >I once used a tool like this to sink 2 inch fence posts into the ground.

    These are both correct.

  5. 1569 - Old term for lab reagent bottle is apothecary bottle.

  6. 1568 is definitely a support for lab glassware--tubing, condensers, and flasks.

    1569 looks like either a condenser, or a reagent bottle.

    1570 looks like a spoon or crucible (from the same lab as above) for holding a small amount of ore, chemicals or some-such in a flame to see what colors result.

    1572 is a slide-hammer for driving a well point or a metal fence post.

  7. 1567-drain wrench?
    1568-concur w/lab item
    1569-Concur w/Lab/Regeant bottle
    1570-Candle snuffer or sample dipper,maybe gunpowder measure?
    1571-Weight training boots,dumbells could be inserted thru holes for additional weight.
    1572-Fence post driver