Thursday, March 5, 2009

Set 274

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1555. The object here is to determine why this bolt was cut as seen below:

1556. 7" long, there are a couple of pieces missing from this tool:

Larger image

1557. Created in 1939:

Larger image

1558. Around 6' long with the handle, the tines on the end are fixed:

From O'neal Lee's collection

Patented in the 1880's:

1559. Another unidentified tool, approximately 36" long:

1560. 3-1/2" to 5-1/4" tall:


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  1. 1555. Part of a "magic" trick. Missing the nut.
    1557. TV test pattern.
    1558. Self cleaning hay rake.

  2. 1557. Target for calibrating rifles used for shooting at Indians.

    Sure, why not?

  3. 1557 I agree with Canem, TV test pattern
    1559 Seam closer for standing seam metal roofing.

  4. 1556 An adjustable handle wrench (with handle missing)?
    1560 Machinist jack for adjusting part position on a mill.

  5. 1557 Along with others like it, the most widely broadcast image in television.

    When I was in high school (which is when we first got a television) there were maybe a dozen stations on the air (we lived at the foot of Mount Wilson). If you turned the TV on outside of the evening hours during the week, there would be more copies of that image than of anything else, if anything at all was being broadcast.

  6. >1555. Part of a "magic" trick.

    You've got the right idea, but it's more of a puzzle than a magic trick.

    >1557. TV test pattern.
    >1558. Self cleaning hay rake.

    Both correct.

    >1559 Seam closer for standing seam metal roofing.

    I think this is probably correct, this is what the owner of it had guessed.

    >1556 An adjustable handle wrench (with handle missing)?

    Yes, but there is a little more to it than just a wrench.

    >1560 Machinist jack for adjusting part position on a mill.


  7. 1559. The seam closer was my first impression too, until I saw the second picture. I have a standing seam roof, and before we put it on I looked at various versions. I think this tool crimps too tightly to match anything I saw in my (limited) research. I agree that it's a sheet metal seam closer though...just not for roofs.

  8. 1555. I guess puzzle is more correct, although I always thought of it as a magic trick. Mine is made of brass.

  9. 1557
    For some background on the pattern check out
    Chuck has the orig indian head artwork that was almost lost forever in a trash container.

  10. Very interesting article. Esp. the stands used to support the head. I would not have noticed it on my own. Will have to look carefully at old photographs to see this feature.