Thursday, April 16, 2009

Set 280

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1591. 10' tall:

Larger image

These tools were used with the device shown above, they are the same but one has a broken handle, the longest is about 11' in length:

The tools look like they were used on this part of the device:

1592. 40" long:

1593. 10-1/4" long:

1594. Submitted by a visitor who would like to know what this is for:

1595. Around 12" long:

Larger image

Larger image

1596. Approximately 24" long:

Larger image


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  1. 1593. step, type found on horse drawn carriages

    1595. corner clamp
    1596/ clay pigeon thrower

  2. 1592 Brass fireplace fender
    1593 Buggy or carriage step
    1596 Agree with clay pigeon thrower

  3. 1594 a small manual winch
    1596 Definitely a clay pigeon thrower (We own that model, I think)

  4. 1591. Broom corn baler you load the broom corn in it and use the rachets to screw the "bottom" up to compress the corn and then put on the ties. When the bailer is let off the ties are tight.

  5. Ok, well I agree with all of the above. They beat me to it, darn it.

  6. Set 280...

    1591 = Cotton Press for baling cotton

    1592 = Railing for nautical desk to prevent items from tumbling off.

    1593 = step for buggy or wagon, not screw holes in flange.

    1594 = duh??

    1595 = clamp for holding mitred frames, perhaps

    1596 = manually operated trap for throwing clay pigeons

  7. Noodle maker, the top part is the press and the dough goes in the bottom part, that has a "die" at the bottom. Don't know the English terms for these things, but this kind of a wooden device is quiet common in kitchens in India.

  8. Sorry, meant item 1594.