Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Set 289

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1645. Approximately 8" long:

1646. 16-1/2" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one:

1647. 12" long, the main question here is what trade was the intended market for this hammer?

The patent shows a part on the end that is not seen in the photos:

1648. Submitted by a visitor who is looking to find more information on this equipment:

Larger image

1649. 15" long, another unidentified piece of hardware:

Larger image

1650. 6" long:


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  1. 1648 Tongs used to forge iron under steam hammer.

  2. The last item is a Boker production version of a Wilson Tactical knife called a "Cop Tool." Pry tip, knife blade, and line/clothing cutter on the back.

    1646: It's a tire knocker used by truckers.

    1647: I think this hammer was made for coopers.

  3. I agree with the above and think 1645 is a camera.

  4. 1646 A Tire thumper to check the pressure in truck tires

  5. 1645 is definitely a special-purpose camera; perhaps for radiation sources?

  6. 1647:
    The hammer, or rather what do you call that thing for smoothing the wood?? Market is certainly carpentry.

    looks like some geek's spectral photography kinda thing. probably used in the atomic physics side..

    certainly used for hot things, probably to carry or hold or lift. (just a guess)

  7. 1645 Camera for reproducing micro film.

    tire thumper. I have one in a kitchen drawer used for breaking up frozen foods like shredded potatoes, or bags of ice.

    1647 shingler?

    1648 ingot handlers

    1649 For twisting something. no clue what

    1650 newspaper bundle twine cutter

  8. >1648 Tongs used to forge iron under steam hammer.


    Thanks, that's a great link!

    >1646: It's a tire knocker...
    >1647 shingler?
    >The last item is a Boker production version of a Wilson Tactical knife called a "Cop Tool."

    These are all correct.

    >1645 Camera for reproducing micro film

    This answer is very close.

  9. 1645 Hmm looking at the frame size, morel likely a camera for getting still frames from a 8 or 16mm movie film

  10. 1645 - Think it's just a viewer, not a camera. For either microfilm, or 8mm film.

  11. 1645 - fixed focus camera, used for copying something (slides perhaps, but the front end looks wrong for that)

    1646 - fish billy, for clubbing toothy critters after hauling them into a boat

    1647 - glaziers hammer

    1648 - railroad construction perhaps - tongs used for picking up rails ?

    1650 - rescue knife, used as a pry bar/seat belt cutter, etc