Thursday, December 16, 2010

Set 367

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2113. Approximately 10" long:

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2114. Around 1-1/2" diameter, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one and a chance to win a T-shirt:

2115. 10" long:

The lines have been cut into the wood:

2116. 9" long:

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2117. 2" long:

2118. Around 30" long:

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2113. A tool for cooling and flushing outboard and stern drive marine boat motors.
This flushing attachment is placed over the lower unit's cooling system intake ports and connects to a standard garden hose for cooling water supply. This tool permits the operation of the engine when not in the water allowing for engine testing, tuning, and repair. Also used for flushing out debris and salt from the engine's cooling passages.

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2114. An old brass gambling die:

2115. A time fuse for use with Civil War artillery:
...hollowed almost to the point and packed with a composition of mealed powder moistened with whiskey or alcohol. When dry, the rate of burning would be determined by experiment, and marked on the fuses packed with that lot. The fuse, marked in tenths of inches, would be cut with a fuse saw to the length necessary to burn for the desired period of time.

The fuse was placed into the mortar shell so that the shell would explode a certain amount of time after it was fired.

2116. A hoof pick and cutter that was used on horses:

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2117. A piezoelectric device for use in treating insect bites and jellyfish stings:

2118. A wrist exerciser made by the J.E. Porter Corporation, Ottawa, Illinois:

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  1. 2113 is connected to a water hose and used to flush salt water out of outboard motors.

    2115 is an artillery shell fuse.

  2. Agree with 2113 as outboard motor flush.
    2116 may be a hoof knife for cutting out abcesses in horses hooves.
    2118 is holder for wrapping paper.

  3. 2115. A time delay fuse for a cannon ball (civil war era)

  4. 2116. Could it be a tool for removeing grease seals on automobiles?