Thursday, February 17, 2011

Set 376

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2167. 1-1/2" long:

2168.7" long:

2169. 6" long, sent in by a visitor who is looking to identify this device that was found in an old machine shop:

2170. 5-1/4" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this device and a chance to win a t-shirt:

2171. 5" long:

2172. Approximately 16" long:


2167. This is a lock for an old telephone dial, a photo of one locked onto a dial can be seen here, although it should be attached to the first hole, not the last.

Larger image

2168.A wire wrapping tool that is missing the bit and sleeve, it was used for circuit assembly:

Larger image

This video shows how it is used:

2169. Haven't been able to verify any of these guesses for this device:
-part of a tool grinder
-automatic lube tool holder of some sort
-a somewhat modified air bearing spindle for an end-mill sharpening fixture
-an air infuser to mix with gases

Larger image

2170. An Alliance 'tenna-rotor', for rotating an outdoor television or ham radio antenna, text on it says "Model No DIR 3; 115 volts 60 cycles AC only 1.5 amps 30 watts; The Alliance MFG Co. Alliance, Ohio, USA". The button is spring returned to the center by a medium strength spring, the two other parts by the arrows are stationary and are used for leverage when moving the button so it can be operated with one hand.

Larger image

2171. A tool for extracting eyes, stems, and leaves from fruits or vegetables, patent number 757,835:

2172. These are vintage germination trays for testing corn kernels. Each farmer saved some of the best ears at harvest time for next year's seed. Up to 10 kernels were removed from each ear and along with a damp piece of cloth one kernel was placed into each of the small pockets (notice 10 pockets per board). These kernels were kept damp and warm until they germinated. Probably any ear that had less than 90% germination was sent back to the crib to be livestock food. Those ears that had 90% and above were shelled and this was the seed he planted. The kernels with sprouts that came out of the trays were fed to the chickens.

Larger image

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  1. 2167 - gun trigger lock

    2168 - ratchet driver? it would be helpful to see a front view.

    2169 - automatic lube tool holder of some sort. looks like it was for some sort of tubing. cutting fliud flows thru the barbed fitting.

    2170 - antenna rotor control box, used to orient a rotatable antenna in the required direction.

    2171 - auto piercing oil spout for old fashioned motor oil cans?

    2172 - holder for some sort of tool die/stamp?

  2. 2167. Rotary Phone Lock

    - Edward

  3. 2167 - Telephone dial lock
    2168 - Pop rivit gun
    2169 - ?
    2170 - TV antenna rotator
    2171 - Oil can spout
    2172 - Plant germination tray

  4. Darn, Edward beat me to it.
    2167 - rotary phone dial lock
    2171-looks like a candle mold or bobbin holder.


  5. 2168 reminds me of a wire wrapping tool. Possible without its front part.

  6. 2168 is a wire wrap gun, minus the wire wrap bit - similar to

    The machine shop tool is part of a tool grinder - it's missing the air spindle that hoes inside the part - the air supply causes the spinle to float, like an air hockey table

  7. The phone lock on Flickr is in the correct position. It allows the emergency services and local numbers to be dialled.

  8. >The phone lock on Flickr is in the correct position

    What use is the lock if it allows all numbers to be dialed?

  9. You are quite right :) It should be in the 9 hole to allow emergency and local access.

  10. what a fantastic find - can't wait to see what you two come up with!