Thursday, August 18, 2011

Set 402

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2323. Around 48" long:

Larger image

2324. Approximately 22" tall:

2325. 10" long, this was sent in by a visitor who is looking to find the exact purpose for it, the widths of the grooves are 3/4", 7/8", 1-1/8", 1-1/2", and the holes are 3" diameter:

Larger image

2326. This strange looking item is about 4" long:

2327. 12" tall, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

2328. 3-7/8" long:


2323. A sawbuck, used for holding a log when cutting it:

Larger image

2324. A wine bottle corker:

2325. This is most likely a coin tray, other guesses for it include:
-desk organizer
-swage block
-cigar rolling tray
-drill bit holder

Larger image

2326. A flyer, swinger, or fly terret for use as a decoration on a horse harness:

2327. A fire sand bucket or fire bucket, it has a round bottom to discourage using it for other purposes, these red painted buckets were filled with sand and hung on the wall:

2328. A GPS tracking device, it transmits its location every ten seconds, people who buy or lease a new car sometimes find these hidden in the trunk.

To submit photos, send them to the address in my profile, please include dimensions, any text on the item, and where it was found.

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  1. 2323: Sawbuck?
    2324: bottle capper or corker?

  2. 2327 Fire bucket that held sand. Always found them hanging on hooks near oil burners. Round bottom made them impractical for any other use.

  3. 2325 a change tray from an old cash drawer.

  4. 2325 A coin sorter. The widths of the grooves approximately match the diameters of various U.S. coins, and the round holes would hold the unsorted coins.

  5. 2324. is indeed a wine bottle cork press. Got one just like it.

  6. >2323: Sawbuck?
    >2324: bottle capper or corker?

    Sawbuck and bottle corker are correct.

    >2325 a change tray from an old cash drawer
    >2325 A coin sorter.

    I asked the owner about this possibility and they replied:

    "Dimes fit the narrowest slot, nickles in the next, quarters in the next, and not sure about the big slot."

  7. 2327 - a fire bucket - the rounded bottom makes it unusable as regular bucket (and therefor not likely to be "borrowed" for everyday work).

  8. Until the Susan B. Anthony $1US coin, "silver dollars" were 1.5 inches in diameter.

  9. 2326 could have been an after market radiator cap ornament, that indicated speed by how far the flap swung. There were hundreds of different ones msde, but ususlly better finish and most often nickel plated.

  10. 2326 appears to be some sort of wall hook with a device to hold broom or mop handle. it would wedge between the stirrup shape and the flat metal plate.

  11. 2326 a fly turrent for a horse collar. Chases the flies away by swinging as the horse walks

  12. I'm interested in your scan-o-matic which is missing the magnifier, would you be interested in selling it?

    1. I don't own the scan-o-matic, so I can't sell it to you. You could probably find one on ebay.

  13. Ah...well darn. Im actually after one that is missing that magnifier. I have a fully functional one, which they are worth about 18-25 bucks. I'm interested in finding one cheap so I can replace the old magnifier with a new USB digital microscope, but not feel like I've ruined a fairly decent vintage piece of numismatic history.