Thursday, December 1, 2011

Set 417

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2413. 20" long:

2414. 6" long:

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2415. 10" long:

2416. 3-3/4" tall:

Between 2 and 2-1/2" tall, the center piece on all of these can freely pivot:

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2417. Sent in by a visitor:

Text on it reads 12-1/2, 12-5/8, 12-3/4:

2418. Around 22" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

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2413. This item was placed on a cow's head while it was being milked to discourage it from making any movements that might disturb the milker:

2414. A tightener for a bucksaw:

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2415. A soil blocker, it can be used to make cubes of soil for starting seeds:

2416. A flyer, swinger, or fly terret, these were mounted onto the harnesses of work horses for decoration. A terret that didn't have the center piece was used as a guide for the reins, as seen in patent number 819,749.

2417. A stand for an old hot water heater, it's upside down in the photo and is missing part of its base:

The numbers 12-1/2, 12-5/8, 12-3/4 tell what diameter water heater that it can hold:

2418. Hand powered hedge trimmers:

Larger image

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  1. 2415 could be a kind of "cookie cutter"

    2416 i think are hood ornaments...

    2413 makes me think that it may be used in connection with a donkey or a horse... but i don't know why...


  2. 2413 - something used with gold panning.

    2414 - part of a weaving loom

    2415 - used to make organic pots (compost pots, manure pots)

    2418 - hedge trimmer

  3. 2417 A water heater tank stand. Pictured upside-down with the rest of the pedestal base missing.
    These were often installed beside most cast iron kitchen ranges years ago.

  4. 2416 Horse harness territs.

  5. 2414 Part of a wagon brake.

  6. 2413 is a device to aid in weaning a calf or colt.

    2415 needs more light and sharper focus.

    2418 is a grass or hedge trimmer