Thursday, December 8, 2011

Set 418

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2419. 3-1/4" tall, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

Larger image

2420. 4" tall:

2421. 19" long:

Larger image

2422. This photo was sent in a by a visitor, all of this hardware is all related to one purpose:

Larger image

2423. About 5-1/2" long, this item was submitted by a visitor who is looking to identify it:

2424. Around 23" long:

Larger image


2419. This is a check protector, it makes an embossed pattern on the check that prevents attempts at altering numbers:

Larger image

2420. A Quaffers Shot Glass for drinking liquor, the bottom part is filled with a chaser and top with whiskey:

2421. A bandsaw brazing vise, it's used to hold the two ends of a bandsaw blade in position for brazing. The bandsaw is held horizontally by it and at the gap heated tongs are applied to the joint to be brazed. The upper clamps are used to hold the bandsaw while filing or smoothing the brazed area, patent number 426,358:

Larger image

2422. This hardware was all used at a winery:

Larger image

2423. Probably a steak tenderizer:

2424. A ballot box :

Larger image

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  1. 2419 - bag sealer
    2420 - eye bath
    2421 - used to shape guitar/banjos
    2422 - plumbing parts used on fire truck pumps
    2423 - home made 'brass' knuckles
    2424 - civil war post box - taken around on horseback.

  2. 2419. No comments as long as Neatorama T-Shirt contests runs..
    2420 for growing amaryllis or avocado seeds
    2421 don`t know could be bending wood e.g. for tennis rackets
    2422 for sucking ... and for vacuum..
    2423 dont't know but could be a kind of a comb for combing fibres (or maybe am eat tenderizer)
    2424 dont't know ehter but could be a kind of insect transport container or a ballot box


  3. 2419 - for creating certified cheques? (so the signature or amount can't be altered)
    2423 - meat tenderizer?

  4. 2420-eye cup
    2411-Vacuum fittings for semiconductor equipment
    2424-Time Capsule

  5. 2422 - Those look like tri-clamp fittings? A lot of breweries use those on beer plumbing since they're easier to clean and sanitize than threaded connectors.

  6. 2422-That makes sense Tim. I had wondered whether the stainless steel appearance was due to a food application.

  7. Well, I was close! Wine and Beermaking equipment is pretty much interchangeable :)

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