Thursday, January 26, 2012

Set 425

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2461. 24" long:

Larger image

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2462. 10" long as seen below:

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2463. Someone found this in a house they just moved into, it fits into a light socket and then a bulb can be screwed into the open end:

2464. 12-1/2" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

This part is 3-1/2" x 3":


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2466. Sent in by a visitor who would like to find out if this rule has a specific purpose:

It's 17" long when open and has 14 cm increments on the inside and 14 inch increments on the outside:

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2461. A tire spreader from the 1940s, used to hold open a tire so it could be inspected and repaired, a tool used for a similar purpose can be seen in patent 1,571,376.

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2462. A nutcracker:

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2463. A smoke detector, the owners were unsure of its purpose until they tested it with smoke and the alarm was triggered:

2464. A meat cleaver with an attached combination tool:

The uses for the tools are:
1. Hammer
2. Meat tenderizer
3. Ice chipper
4. Bottle opener
5. Can opener
6. Alligator wrench

2465. This is the smoke stack of the recently capsized Costa Concordia:

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2466. This was probably used to measure a person's shoe size:

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  1. 2461 seems to be a spreading tool..

    2462 should be a nut cracker (closed it has the shape of a walnut)..

    2463 could be a sound activated switch.. could also be a smoke alarm... no clear idea..

    2464 no comment as i dont want to spoil the fun for neatormamanauts. but surely not a "single" answer.

    2465 it is still the chimney of the costa concordia... Our hearts shopuld be with the next of kin of the 16 dead people in this time of sorrow...

    2466 an adjustable gauge for setting and transferring angles?


  2. 2465 is a stack from an oceangoing ship

  3. 2461 is an old tire spreader.

    2363 may be a motion detector?

    2466 is measuring device for horses height.

  4. 2466 reminds me of elementary school flexibility tests, the "sit reach". I hated that thing. It looks like a portable variant or an easily-stored variant.

  5. 1463 - Looks like a remote switch socket adapter, which would let you control a light fixture from a switch (either wall mounted or otherwise) without having to run the wires from the switch to the socket.

  6. Correct answers so far:

    2461. Tire spreader
    2462. Nut cracker
    2463. Smoke detector
    2465. Costa Concordia stack

  7. 2463: Smoke detector for the deaf?