Thursday, February 16, 2012

Set 428

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2479. 3-1/2" long:

2480. 10" long, sent in by someone who is looking to identify this tool:

Larger image

2481. 25" tall:

2482. 8-1/2" long:

2483. 12" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

Larger image

2484. 5-1/4" long:

Larger image


2479. A fishing alarm for use at night, the light is powered on when the line is taken by a fish:

2480. This tool has a gimlet but we still don't know why it has what appears to be an electrical contact:

Larger image

2481. A tire bead breaker, it's used in a similar manner to the one in this video:

2482. A punch and cold chisel holder, "a cold chisel is a tool made of tempered steel used for cutting 'cold' metals, meaning that they are not used in conjunction with heating torches, forges, etc."

2483. A slater's axe, it's also called a sax, saxe, slate cleaver, slate cutters' trimmer, slate trimmer, and zax, according to the Dictionary of American Hand Tools it was used to trim and punch holes in roofing slate.

Larger image

2484. This is a grain sampler, it was used to extract samples from sacks of grain:

Larger image

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  1. 2481 A bead-breaker for removing tires from rims.

  2. 2483: At first I was thinking this was a meat cleaver for working in a meat-packing plant. The hook would be for grabbing sides of meat and dragging them towards you before chopping them. But that wouldn't explain the offset handle for working on a flush surface, so I'm going to guess roofing tool.
    2484: for tappiing sap from maple trees?

  3. the last thing may be a samling device..


  4. 2480. Muzzle loading cannon tool? combination gimlet and lanyard handle?

    2481. Tire tool for breaking the tire bead down on the rim.

    2482. Tool for holding a punch or chisel while you hit it.

    2483. Slate knife for working roofing slate.

  5. 2482 Nut splitter?


  6. 2481 Tire bead breaker
    2482 Nut cracker
    2484 (Try again) Fid

  7. 2480- looks like the light bulb lights up when tension is pulled on the rings. Some kind of fishing pole indicator?

    2484- it looks like the tip is replacable. Maybe a lead holder for a really big compass?