Thursday, May 23, 2013

Set 494

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2875. Approximately 3" long:

2876. 2" diameter:

2877. Sent in by someone who would like to find the purpose of this device, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win one of their funny T-shirts.

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2880. Around 8" long:

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2875. This is a spoke wrench, patent number 622,005:

2876. This is probably a vintage campaign torch, for use in parades or at political speeches:

2877. No answer yet for this device:

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An update from two weeks ago:

2867. This was part of an Enterprise food grinder, a similar one can be seen on this page:

2878. Haven't yet been able to verify any of the guesses for this tool:

2879. This is a gun for inserting plugs into tires:

Larger image

2880. An adding machine, patent number 414,959:

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  1. the first thing is a connector for bowden cables

    the penultimate is a hand drill that looks like it serves for drilling rivet holes into sheet metal


  2. 2879 is a tool to insert tire repair plugs.

  3. 2880 looks like it is used for counting inventory or similar

  4. 2875 looks like its used for joining ends of ball chain or something similar.

    1. I guessed so, too, but 3" long? That's some big ball chain!

  5. 2875 is a cable connector for ball-end cables (like parking brake cables or motorcycle pull cables).

  6. 2877 kind of looks like it would be for stretching carpet. The claw end into the carpet edge, then the lever part pushed forward and the pivot is the whole roundy part.