Thursday, November 13, 2008

Set 258

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1459. 3-1/2" diameter:

1460. A patent model, approximately 12" long:

Larger image

Larger image

1461. 36" long, this was found in Toro, Italy, the owner is looking to determine what it's for:

The long piece is hollow and is open to the inside of the cylinder, which contained a residue of white powder.

1462. 60" long:

1463. 15" tall:

1464. Around 8" wide, with a 47" long handle, more guesses on this tool at Neatorama:


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  1. 1463. Television antenna.

    - Edward

  2. 1462: For bringing game back out of the woods after you've shot it.
    1463: Yes, at TV antenna. I used to have one of these.

  3. 1459 Pipe expander or wrench. Fits inside pipe then when you use a wrench on the square part it expands to fit tightly
    1460 Horse Drawn Wagon pivot with suspension system.
    1461 Poor mans opium pipe. Looks similar to opium pipes that were used by Chinese
    1462 Deer Hunters Deer Hauler
    1463 UHF Omni directional antenna
    1464 Loggers Push rod. Used for floating logs down a river

  4. 1461 --
    1 fill cylinder with powder
    2 light candle
    3 blow thru tube

    and you will get a big ball of flame, some sort of special effect device for the stage/theater/magician?

    1463 --
    uhv tv antenna -- I have one very similar, except it uses 6 bowties arranged in 2 columns of 3

  5. 1461 i agree with what alex said. it might also have something to do with testing flour at a grain mill. If the flour combusts the grain is ground finely enough?

  6. 1463 - The UHF "bow-tie" antenna is directional, not omni-directional. It is more sensitive in the direction of the viewer.

  7. 1459-"Fence rachet",pat no 636158,for removing slack from fence wires,guy wires,cables etc

  8. Correct answers so far:

    1459. Fence ratchet
    1460. Fifth wheel for a wagon
    1461. Fireball maker
    1462. Big game cart
    1463. UHF TV antenna

  9. 1464 is a sasumata, a Japanese pole weapon.

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