Thursday, January 15, 2009

Set 267

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1514. 4" long, two white ceramic parts with a metal base:

1515. 2" long, an unidentified piece of hardware submitted by a visitor:

1516. Approximately 20" long, circa 1860, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this item:

Larger image

1517. Around 36" long, patented in 1895:

Larger image

1518. 59" long overall:


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  1. 1515 looks like the tool they use to lift manhole covers.

    1516 is a punch dagger (horizontal handle mounted to the blade so it sticks out in fron t of the hand.

  2. 1513: Limber for an artillery piece(or a caisson), the trail of which is JUST visible in the left of frame.

  3. 1518: A bull lead. The spiked end would attach to a nose ring.

  4. 1514. Looks like a tape wetter for old-fashioned packing tape.

    - Edward

  5. 1513 -- segway beta version 0.1

    1516 -- katar, sort of a combination brass knuckles, dagger, used for punching thru armor

  6. 1514 is a razor sharpener

    1516 is a Katar, as mentioned above.

    Paul D.

  7. From previous blog, set 264, #1498 looks like a tool we called a 'valve stem puller'. When putting a new valve stem into a wheel hub for a car wheel, the stem goes through the hole from the inside and threads into the part shown in the second picture. Leverage is applied until the stem snaps into place and has a good seal. The same tool can be used to remove old valve stems using a little more muscle.

  8. 1518: I'm not sure exactly. But I'd bet that it's some sort of baler. The loop of the band that you're attaching is in the eye and the notches engage either the other end of the band or the substance being baled. As you tilt the handle forward the loop is tightened enough to fit over the hook.

  9. 1515 looks like a dolly (dinging dolly?) used for repairing sheetmetal work like a dented fender.

  10. >From previous blog, set 264, #1498 looks like a tool we called a 'valve stem puller'.

    Thanks, I'll pass this on to the owner of the tool.

  11. Correct answers so far:

    1513. Caisson
    1514. Blade sharpener
    1516. Katar dagger
    1518. Bull leader

  12. number 1517 is a special single tree for using a horse to hoist hay into the top of a barn