Thursday, January 1, 2009

Set 265

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Happy New Year!

1501. 55" tall:

Larger image

1502. 1-3/8" long:

1503. 7-1/2" long, another unidentified tool:

1504. 14" long x 6" diameter:

It's threaded on the open end:

1505. 2-1/2" diameter:

1506. 7" long, patented in 1885:

Larger image

Larger image


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  1. 1501 Dry Waller stilt
    1502 Grounding Connection
    1504 Hair Roller/Curler

  2. Thanks, Leonard da Vinci ! hehe

  3. 1504 - filter from a well water pump or maybe a well sandpoint

    1501 - for twisting rope or fencing wire, maybe?

  4. 1506 - woodworker's marking guage? or maybe a guide for sharpening chisels or planes?

  5. 1502 is a split bolt, for splicing wire. the free ends of the wire are brought into the split and the nut is tightened so that the wires are held tightly.

  6. 1501 is for tightening fences
    1502 is a wire spice
    1504 is a suction strainer for a pump when used in a pond or river

  7. 1501 --dunno right name, but it looks like a thing for twisting strands of stuff (hemp, cotton, flax) into rope).

    1502 Wire nut (I think that's the name) for connecting large-gauge wires (like the ones on poles leading to your house) together.
    Somebody said "split bolt"--that's right.

    1503 screen for a pump inlet of some kind -- I'm guessing food grade.

    1505 is going to be something to do with pipe-line operation, I bet.

  8. It's Friday evening 10pm EST->I need the answers! What, are you in the Hawaii time zone or something?

  9. It still Thursday in many USAian Time zones.

  10. Correct answers so far:

    1501. Wire fence machine

    1502. Split bolt connector

    1504. Strainer for pumping water from lakes or rivers

    I usually post the answer page on Friday before 7:00 PM EST.

  11. 1505 is an individual projectile from a "cluster bomb"

  12. 1504 is the strainer from a fire engine suction hose.

    1502 is a "Burndy" connector, sometimes called a "Bug" used to connect two electrical conductors together.

  13. Replies
    1. There is a link to the answers just below that particular tool.