Thursday, February 26, 2009

Set 273

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1549. Approximately 20" long:

The U-shaped part is spring returned to this position and can be pushed down about an inch:

One of the patent drawings:

1550. 10" long:

1551. The larger item is about 1-1/2" diameter and is made of wood and kidskin:

Submitted by a visitor

1552. These photos were shot at an antique machinery show last summer :

Larger image

The smaller piece of wood at the top is attached to the horse:

Larger image

1553. Around 6" square:

1554. 2-1/8" diameter, the idea here is to determine who would have used this device:

Larger image


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  1. 1550 Cable splicing tool??
    1552 Horse powered sugar cane mill.
    1554 Pedometer for a surveyor? or mailman?

  2. >1550 Cable splicing tool??

    Possibly correct

    >1552 Horse powered sugar cane mill.


    >1554 Pedometer for a surveyor? or mailman?

    You're right that it's a pedometer but it's not for a surveyor or mailman.

  3. 1553 Remote control, for a model car?

  4. Yes, it's a remote control, but I don't know exactly what for.