Thursday, May 21, 2009

Set 285

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1621. The tool at the top is 12-3/4" long:

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1622. 14" long:

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1623. 60" tall:

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1624. 5" long, submitted by a visitor who is looking for information on this piece, it was found in a fishing tackle box around thirty years ago. The word Citronelle is stamped on top of the tail fin and Western Germany on the other fin. The part hanging out of the bottom swivels up into the fish and appears it that the small pin could be there to hold something.

1625. 12" tall:

1626. 4-1/4" long:

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  1. 1623 Rack for drying washed bottles in bottling plant - beer or soda?

    1625 Squeezes juice from lemon wedge.

    1626 Measures rope for sale from larger spool.

  2. 1622 -- Medieval Mickey Mouse Ears

    1623 -- Bottle drying rack -- used by home winemakers/brewers, I have a similar one that has plastic bottle holders

  3. Correct answers so far:

    1623. Wine bottle drying rack
    1624. Lemon squeezer
    1626. Rope measurer is close enough, it was marked as being for wire

  4. 1626 is used for tightening fence wires.
    1625 is the rope measuring device.

  5. That first one - that's a thing for getting Boy Scouts out of Girl Guide tents.

  6. It looks to me like there is some confusion as to numbers....

    1621 looks like a handle for handling poles or beams

    1622 No Clue

    1623 Bottle rack looks like a good guess to me.

    1624 Some kind of lure with space for "smelly' bait inside

    1625 Hardware store gadget for measuring wire for sale.

    1626 wire fence tightnerconsfara

  7. 1622 is really a small engine flywheel holder used to prevent it from moving when installing/removing crankshaft bolts. The curved fingers wedge against the cooling fan fins.