Thursday, July 9, 2009

Set 292

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1663. Both are about 3" long:

Larger image

1664. Approximately 24" long:

Larger image

1665. 6" long:

1666. A medium sized pocket knife, the idea is to describe the purpose of the blade seen below:

1667. 5-1/2" long, sent in by someone who found this in their backyard:

1668. This device was submitted by a visitor who would like to find out how it was used, it has two glass screens, one slides along a bar and the other is adjusted via a micrometer, the box is 20" long and looks like it was made in the 1950/60's, text on it reads Casella, London 769:

Close-up #1
Close-up #2
Close-up #3
Close-up #4
Close-up #5


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  1. 1664 - folding anchor for a inflatable boat/life raft

    1665 - either a sizing gauge used by smiths while making horseshoes, or special shoes used by ninja horses while scaling walls.

    1666 - used when field dressing game, small slit is made with a regular knife blade, the hooked blade in inserted into the slit, and can slit the remaining skin without puncturing any internal organs

    1667 - boot scraper

  2. 1667 - An early leader pipe bracket from a house. Pipe was wired in place to allow removal for periodic cleaning.
    This one was for masonary buildings.

  3. 1664 Helicopter rescue seat used in forests where it can work between branches and get to the ground when in folded position.

  4. 1666: My Dad had one of these knives - it was a military-issued switchblade issued to those flying over Vietnam (or at least that's where he got his); that blade is to cut parachute cords.
    1665: A shoe for injured horses, where it was important that they not walk on one leg.
    1664: One of the many "Jaws of Life" attachments.

  5. 1666: Originally they issued a switchblade with a more conventional blade, but they kept being stolen out of the survival kits, so they changed it for a design that couldn't be used as a regular knife.