Thursday, July 16, 2009

Set 293

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1669. 12" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this tool:

Larger image

1670. 18" tall:

Larger image

1671. 11" long:

From Jack Devitt's collection

1672. 12-1/2" long with a 42" handle:

1673. A close-up of something common, also describe why the vertical piece can be slightly moved in relation to the horizontal part:

1674. The inside diameter is approximately 7":


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  1. 1670 Elevator control handle.
    1671 Blacksmiths Top Swage, usually paired with a bottom swage.
    1674 Another horse hoof device.

  2. 1672 -- used to cut slits in soil (bury wires or hoses)

  3. 1673. Is the end of a metal tape measure. I have long wondered why there is always some play in them.

    - Edward

  4. 1673. As posted above, this is the end of a metal tape measure. The reason why there is play in the end piece is to take into account the thickness of the piece itself. That way, if you are pushing the tape measure against something vs. pulling it from the other side, the extra 1/16 of an inch thickness of the metal tab is automatically subtracted.

  5. 1672 is a lawn edger, specifically one of these.

  6. Damn, Chris Bellamy beat me to the punch - I knew that too!

    1670 looks like a circuit breaker.
    I'd say the fuses are behind the circular plate.

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