Thursday, June 3, 2010

Set 339

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1945. Approximately 30" long:

1946. 33" tall:

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1947. 28" long, this cloth was used for a particular purpose:

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1948. 10" tall, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one and a chance to win a prize:

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1949. 4" long:

1950. 18" long:

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1945.A trap for the Emerald Ash Borer, the traps are sticky on the outside and are scented with Manuka oil to attract the insects. Ash trees in the Midwest are being decimated by the ash borer, these traps are used to monitor how far the insects have spread.

1946. A well worn butcher's block:

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1947. A United States Lighthouse Service cloth that was used to clean the Fresnel lens at a light house.

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1948. A whale oil lamp:

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1949. A spoke trimmer or spoke pointer, used to taper the end of a wagon spoke so that it centers the hollow auger on the work, these were usually found in blacksmith and wheelwright shops.

1950. A pair of grain sickles or reaping hooks, used to cut ripened grain by grasping a handful of stalks and then cutting with the sickle.

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  1. 1945 : pheromone trap

    1946 : butcher's block

  2. 1945 - bat box

    1947 - U.S.L.H.S - United States Light House Service - polishing cloth for lighthouse lenses

    1949 - tapering jig for dowels

    1950 - nice looking pair of sickles. used for cutting weeds or grain stalks by hand

  3. 1949 Tenon pointer used on brace and bit.

  4. 1945: A trap used in the Northeast US to catch the Ash Borer.

  5. 1947: Light house lense cleaning rag.

  6. 1945: catches bugs by way of scent for determination of quantity of certain bugs.

  7. 1945: Africanized (killer) bee trap.

  8. Correct answers so far:

    1945. Ash borer trap
    1946. Butcher's block
    1947. Lighthouse cloth
    1949. Tenon pointer or spoke pointer
    1950. Sickles

  9. 1949 - Spoke Rounder
    1950 - Hand Reaping Hook - although most of these items look the same, they all have different uses. Some are called a Grain Sickle others are Grass Hooks, as this one is a Hand Reaping Hook, depending on the length and curve of the blade.

  10. re: 1951

    That's not a limber, it's a caisson.