Thursday, June 17, 2010

Set 341

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1957. About 8" long:

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1958. Approximately 12' tall:

1959. 6" long:

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1960. This was sent in by a visitor who is looking to identify it, the holes on the ends are 1/2" diameter:

1961. 12" long:

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1962. 33" tall:

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1957. A halibut hook was held down by a stone weight so it floated at the bottom of the sea.

The Pacific halibut looks like a fish swimming on its side along the bottom of the sea, except both eyes are on the upper side. It belongs to the flounder family and is by far the largest of all flatfish. Although a halibut can weigh up to 600 pounds, the specially engineered Tlingit hook was designed to catch a fish no larger than a man could haul into his canoe.

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1958. A gate from a lock that was used on the Miami-Erie Canal which connected the Ohio River with Lake Erie:

1959. A ring cutter for use by an emergency medical technician, patent number 653,557:

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1960. Haven't been able to verify any of the guesses for this tool:
-making pins for barn construction
-cutting holes in leather or other material
-cutting patches for use with muskets
-cutting wads for shotgun cartridges
-cutting cork

1961. A cigar tester, it was "intended to provide evidence of uniform burning and quality of production."

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1962. A stand that was used to bundle rolls of wallpaper in preparation for shipping. A paper covering material (possibly cardboard) was placed in the form. Then printed rolls of wallpaper were placed on the covering and the covering was wrapped around the bundle. The leather straps were also wrapped around the bundle and tightened with the crank to compress the rolls. Then string or tape was wrapped around to secure the bundle, ready for shipping. The stand is open in the middle so string could be put around the package and then lifted out of the stand.

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  1. 1958. is a gate on a locke for a canal?

    1959 is a ring cutter to remove a smashed or tight ring off a finger.

    in62. is a stand for a barrel?

  2. 1957 - fish hook?
    1958 & 1959 - agree with above
    1960 - leather punch for belts that makes 1 or 2 holes?

  3. 1957 for fishing
    1959 can opener
    1962 a component of a butter tub

    (o.k. i can´t more english, sorry)

    maria from germany

  4. 1960. Just a guess, but, could it be a device that would make corks for wine bottles? Just the first thing that came to mind.

  5. 1960: I don't think that it is for cutting leather or other relatively thin material. I think that the set screws are to adjust the depth of the hole or, rather the length of the peg, something that would not be required for leather or fabric.

  6. As for the punch, could it be a punch for leather for lace up shoes? That way you can hold both sides of the leather where the lace holes go, and punch two holes directly, keeping them level, with one punch on the other side? A cobblers tool perhaps....