Thursday, May 26, 2011

Set 390

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2251. Around 5" long:

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Close-up image

2252. Approximately 8" long, the entire barrel is hollow and open on both ends:

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2253. 14-1/2" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one and a chance to win a T-shirt:

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2254. Sent in by a visitor who is looking to find the exact purpose of this device:

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2255. 36" diameter:

2256. 3" long:

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2251. A bolt from a Sten submachine gun, also called a breech block, the small part in the center on the end is the firing pin:

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Close-up image

2252. A Cressi Torpedine Sport spear gun, for underwater hunting, text on it reads 'Il Pescatore Subacqueo, Cressi, made in Italy, Genoa'.

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2253. A trowel bayonet, for use by soldiers to dig trenches.
In many of Frederick Remington's paintings you see soldiers lying behind their horses for cover. This was not conducive to winning, for if your horse was wounded or worse dead it was a long walk back to the fort. What was needed was an entrenching tool. In an effort to cut down the weight load of the soldiers it was planned to incorporate this entrenching tool into an already issued piece of equipment. Thus was born the intrenching bayonet. The name trowel was taken from the bricklayers tool that the intrenching weapon resembled.

The trowel was meant to be used as a hand tool for digging. Some liked the extra leverage gained by mounting the bayonet to the end of the rifle. Needless to say plugged bores and bent barrels were the order of the day.
Similar to patent number RE6083.

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2254. A perfume pump atomizer:

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2255. A wheel from a Qing Dynasty cannon that was made in 1695, the cannon just sold at auction for $149,500, much more information on this historic weapon can be seen at the link.

Other examples of this type of wheel can be seen here and here.

Shoeing of the wheel was done with metal plates called strakes, which were kept in place with strake nails.

2256. A Minton fishing rod holder, patent number 2,890,847:

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  1. 2252 a glue gun?

  2. #2251 A cannon boring tool
    #2253 Special trowel for grooving concrete
    #2255 Chariot wheel

  3. 2251: Bolt for a sub-machine gun, not sure which one. Notice the extractor and fixed firing pin in the first photo.
    2252:I agree, most probably a glue gun.
    2253: Spade bayonet, possibly model 1871

  4. 2255 is a heavy wheel for a cannon or heavy wagon,they were used in the 1600's to 1700's. This style of rim is called a "strake" and is held on with "strake nails"

  5. #2251: A duck call missing its Reed

    #2252: Dummy Launcher? (used for training hunting dogs)

    #2253: Trowel bayonet

    #2256: Fletching jig? (for applying feathers to the shafts of arrows)

  6. 2254 looks like a pocket version of a gas lamp, that is missing the little silk sock.


  7. 2256: For holding a fishing rod?

  8. 2252: a spear gun. I can make out the words "pescador subacqueo" on the side, which refer to underwater fishing.

  9. Correct answers so far:

    2251. Machine gun bolt
    2252. Spear gun
    2255. 16th century cannon wheel
    2256. Fishing rod holder

    Still not sure about the lamp, and no comment on 2253 since it's in the Neatorama collaboration.

  10. 2252 Early Denison gun for putting hang tags on labels

  11. 2251: A previous guess had it as a sub-gun bolt and I'm building from their work.
    I've worked with several sub-guns and there are very few that use a cylindrical bolt. The US M3 .45 ACP sub-gun (commonly called a "Grease Gun" and are, IMHO, dripping with Awesome!!) and the British Sten gun 9mm are the only ones I'm aware of that saw high production numbers.
    The mass of the bolt itself seems overkill for a pistol cartridge but it’s actually used to help dampen recoil. The deep grooves are used to strip a round from the clip, the fixed firing pin was noted by another person, and the extractor is fixed exactly 180 degrees from the grooves. That means the ejection port is exactly opposite the clip. That's rather rare in the sub-gun world.
    The nub on the opposite end from the firing pin is the forward mounting point for the recoil spring.
    I've got nothing on any of the others. Probably because of all the firearm sludge I've got packed in my bean.

  12. 2253 a bayonet
    2255 roman chariot wheel


  13. What is interesting about that Sten bolt (I knew it was a bolt, just not of what) is that the Sten is one of the EASIER firearms to make

    Look at that bolt, and try to figure out how to make those cuts, It's going to take a fairly heavy horizontal mill to make those cuts on what is the top in the photo, along with probably a specially ground set of 3 cutters

    As an amateur machinist, part of the fun is to pick up some 'mundane' piece and figure out 'how did they make this", particularly in the days before CNC machining, and things like EDM

    Want one you see every day, and that puzzled me as a kid, till I learned a bit about shops? How do you make a twist drill?

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  15. question ??? how do you replace or repair the fixed firing pin on the Sten bolt with fixed pin ,
    Thanks .

    1. I think the best way to find the answer to your question is to Google "machine gun forum", and then ask your question on one of the forums.

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