Thursday, August 1, 2013

Set 504

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2935. 8" long:

Larger image

2936. 14" long:

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2937. Sent in by a visitor who would like to find the purpose of this tool:

2938. Approximately 2-1/2" long:

2939. Another unidentified tool submitted by a visitor:

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2940. Around 48" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win one of their funny T-shirts:

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2935. A saw set, which was "used to alternately bend the side of a saw blade's tooth left and right. A saw blade which has had the teeth bent is said to have been set." Patent number 1,545,011:

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2936. This is a holder for buggy whips that would have been mounted on the wall of a hardware store, the whips were placed in the slots and held in place by a knot tied in the small end. Whip holders were usually round as seen at the link, but were also made in an X configuration.

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2937. This is probably a Lawn Edger and Trenching Tool:

2938. A Surco spark plug and cable tester:

2939. This tool has not yet been identified:

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2940. A probe for testing corn, it was thrust into a corn crib or other container and then rotated to scrape off some kernels, which were then tested for temperature, moisture, quality, etc., similar to patent number 2,184,472:

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Someone just sent in the answer for this item that was posted here a couple years ago:

2145. This is part of an "Edgar Cayce impedance device" made by Ernie and Barry Yare of Newcastle of Tyne, UK, it's called the Radiac, or Ice Appliance. It was used by standing it in ice water, connecting wires to it, and then attaching the wires to various parts of the body. It was supposed to balance the body's energies.

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  1. 2936 may serve to store electric connection cables in a laboratory..

  2. 2937 - lawn edger
    2938 - dosimeter
    2940 - core sampler

  3. 2936 A wall mounted buggy whip rack.

  4. 2935 - Saw Set
    2938 - Radiation Detector Pen
    2940 - Snow Sampler

  5. 2937 - Lawn edger

    like this one:

  6. I suspect #2939 may have been a planting and weeding tool. The portion at the bottom of the image was meant to be attached to (or embedded in) a wooden handle. The portion at the left side of the image was for weeding; and the portion on the right was used for making a hole in the soil, into which a seed was pushed. It's about the right size for corn kernels and could be a suitable length, depending on climate and soil conditions. (In the US corn belt, where there's plenty of moisture in the soil, corn is generally planted only a couple of inches deep; but in drier climates it is planted somewhat deeper.)

  7. #2939 looks like the arm of a old hanging scale, like this one:

    but it looks like that prong on the side is too firmly attached.

  8. #2939 looks very much like a home made mortise ax. A mortise ax was used to trim large mortise and tenon joints for a better fit. One end has a long very thin cutting blade to shave the joint and the other end has a pin to stick into a beam and pull it together for a tighter joint. These are sometimes call ice axes, but they are mortise axes.
    Check out EBAY #231041522024 and #130957204763.
    These are real commercial heads.