Thursday, October 10, 2013

Set 514

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2995. 2-1/2" long, the cut-away view is for instructional purposes, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt.

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2996. 24" long:

2997. 20" long:

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2999. 6" long, this tool has two different uses:

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3000. 14" long:

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2995. This is a bronze and tin fusible plug for a boiler (to ASME spec). It is installed in a surface where some protection from either low water or low flow could result in the overheating of the sheet by combustible gasses. Typical places would be the crown sheet of a firebox type firetube boiler, such as a locomotive, tractor, or scotch marine boiler, where low water could result in the sheet overheating and losing strength, leading to the boiler pressure distorting or bursting the sheet, or a superheater header, where reduced stem flow under fire can result in overheating. They may also be installed in the upper drum of a water tube boiler if the drum is directly exposed to the fire.

This type is installed from the fire side, and sticks up about 2" into the 'wet' side. In the event of loss of cooling due to low water or low steam flow, the tin filler melts out, hopefully prior to complete loss of cooling. This provides both some measure of pressure relief and some measure of indication to the operator that there is a problem, so he knows to shut down the fire before failure occurs. When one lets go, it is very loud.

This style is suitable to normal operating temperatures of approximately 400 degrees F, which is about 230PSIG.

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2996. This is a dryer/stretcher for muskrat pelts:

2997. This is the housing for a radio compass antenna for an aircraft, the antenna was used to establish the relative magnetic bearing of the plane to a radio transmitter on the ground.

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2998. A Vendorlator 27 soft drink vending machine:

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An inside view of a similar machine:

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2999. This is a can opener that also forms a spout in the can, patent number 2,620,557:

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3000. This is a scribe for use by a staircase maker:

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2976. A Teles one man cross-cut saw, made by the T. L. Smith Co., London:

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This nameplate is on one of the saws shown below.

It has a spring to keep tension between the two parts:

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  1. 2997. looks like a housing for an airplane antenna.

    2998. seems to be a brewery vending machine, for capped bottles. From a brown-shaded sugary caffeinated fizzy drinks company?


  2. 2998. I have not seen a paddle operated vending machine since I was a kid. Thank-you.

    - Edward

  3. 2995 is a boiler safety plug.

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