Thursday, October 24, 2013

Set 516

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3007. 5" wide, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt.

3008. 6" long:

3009. 10" tall:

3010. 2" long:

3011. Sent in by a visitor who would like to find the purpose for this handle:

3012. The one on the left is 6-1/4" long:


3007. This is a bread slicer, using a knife and this device you can make a 1/2" thick slice of bread into two 1/4" thick slices.

3008. This is the handle for a star drill bit, to remove the drill bit from this handle the smaller part is driven into the side which will force the bit out.

Some star drills that were posted here a couple of months ago, they are used with a hammer to drill through stone or concrete:

3009. This is an old cage for a mechanic's trouble light:

3010. This item is a key for removing scales from a Bruning-Wallace (Charles Bruning Co) drafting machine.

The pin engages a slot in the cleat that fits into the protractor head of the drafting machine through a hole on the mount.

Turning the key drives the cleat out of the dovetail. The other end of the key can be used as a screwdriver for adjusting the alignment of the scale to the machine or removing the cleat.

3011. No answer yet for this one:

3012. The three on the left are woodworker's pinch dogs, they are used to clamp pieces of wood together while gluing. The item on the right can be used to hold a workpiece steady while planing or carving, one side of the small end is driven into the workpiece and the other end is driven into the workbench.


3004. This was attached to the rafters of a barn to hold the rail for a hay carrier which was used to move large amounts of hay:

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  1. The second one 3008 is a handle for a hammer drill. The wedge is for removing the drill bit form the conical receptangle (similar to the morse cone)..

    I am curios what 3007 and 3009 are...


  2. 3008 - I agree, hammer drill/star drill handle
    3010 is a driver for a security screw type thing - if I remember right, it might be for bulletin board/display case cabinets

  3. 3011 looks like a buggy step or a footrest for a piece of horse-drawn farm equipment. Hard to tell without another angle.

  4. 3011 - As Anon says, it's hard to tell from the rather poor photo, but at first glance it looks like a bowl turning rest for a wood-lathe.