Thursday, May 24, 2012

Set 442

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2563. Sent in by a visitor who is looking to identify these cylinders, they are 1-1/4" diameter and 3/4" to 1" tall. Three boxes of them were found in a relative's garage. They're a black/red/green bakelite-type hard plastic with metal profiles embedded in one side and ID numbers on the other side. Almost all just have a number on them, but a few have dates from mid-60s (8/18/65 and 1967) and company names Holcroft and Bendix Pinion:

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2564. Around 9' tall, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

2565. 6" long, sent in by a reader of this site:

2566. Submmitted by a visitor who is looking to find the exact purpose of this tool:

2567. Around 3" diameter, this was found by someone in Murray, Idaho, an old gold mining community started about 1887. It is made of copper and has a solder seam:

2568. 5-1/4" long:

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2563. These are metallurgical cross section samples for microscopic examination by students or researchers, the numbers on them would correspond to a chart that contained information about each specific type of metal:

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2564. A ramp for loading barrels or kegs onto a beer truck:

2565. This is a combining tube from a Sellers lifting injector. Here is the owner's description of it: "An injector is a device for forcing feedwater into a boiler. They have no moving parts, unlike a pump, and all steam used is returned to the boiler as condensed water. A marvel of thermodynamics. A lifting injector can produce a vacuum on the feedwater line from the water tank and lift water to the device for forcing. This is what the middle slot is for. A non-lifting injector must be mounted below the waterline of the tank (or have a low-pressure pump to feed it) so water will flow to the unit by gravity."

2566. No answer yet for this tool, the only other shovel that I've seen with a bent handle is a sod lifter:

2567. This is probably a decorative piece for a riverboat model, a lamp, a still, or something similar:

2568. A glass worker's tool for snapping off scored glass:

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  1. 2563 samples for Metallograhy

    2566 baker's shovel (or spade? ;-)

    2568 a spoke wrench


    1. >2563 samples for Metallography

      Thanks, you nailed it.

  2. Yes, 2563 are metallography samples. I spent a year between school and university casting experimental steel ingots, sawing them up, potting the pieces in resin, grinding them on a disc linisher and hand grinding table, diamond polishing until shiny, then counting inclusions on a Quantimet image analyser

  3. 2563.
    I have a background in Heat Treating of metals and these are samaples set in bakelite and then polished and acid etched for microscopic analysis of grain structure.

    For example;

  4. You may be correct about the riverboat reference for #2567. Many of the smoke stacks were topped with this crown shape.

  5. 2566, Peat spade, for cutting and removing peat moss.

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