Thursday, October 1, 2009

Set 304

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1735. 3-1/2" diameter:

Larger image

It's open along the side, hard to see but it contains a couple of mirrors:

1736. In the past few weeks two different visitors sent in these tools to be identified:

1737. 18" long:

1738. 10" tall:

1739. 3-3/8" long:

1740. Approximately 3" long:

Larger image


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  1. 1737 is a whisk for an industrial food mixer.

    1739 is a pill splitter for cutting pills in half.

  2. 1736- Perhaps a pocket sextant.
    1737- Agree with wisk for commercial mixer. (Looks like the 10 quart size)
    1738- Kitchen counter cookbook holder?
    1739- Agree with pill splitter.

  3. 1736 is a saw set, like the 1153.

  4. 1735- Agree with pocket sextant
    1736 - agree with saw set
    1737 - agree with whisk
    1738 - A holder/pourer for a giant bottle of booze
    1739 - Agree with pill splitter
    1740 -