Thursday, October 15, 2009

Set 306

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1747. Approximately 5" long:

The inside top and bottom both look the same:

Larger image

1748.Submitted by a visitor:

Larger image

1749. 10" long:

1750. This template was made for a specific purpose:

Larger image

1751. Around 6" long:

1752. Someone sent in this photo of an unidentified machine, it has one wheel with alphanumeric characters on it:

Larger image


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  1. 1747 could be an automatic/ constant mortice and tenon marking jig
    1748 parmesan shaver?
    1749 a gm brand ice scraper from the early fifties
    1750 traffic planning marking template
    1751 the edges look bevelled so it looks like a rope cutter
    1746 dog tag punch

  2. 1748 is a blacksmith's thread plate for cutting threads on rods.

    1750 is a template for making traffic accident reports.

  3. 1747. Something that is used to lock something up, but what that is I haven't a clue.
    1748. Thread cutter, very old. Perhaps only for wood.
    1749. First glance, ice scraper. I can see some blurred lettering, and the part on the back looks like it is for installing or removing some sort of clip.
    1750. Indeed a traffic accident report stencil.
    1751. Nifty cigar cutter.
    1746. Part of a telegram machine? That's a WAG.

  4. 1749 Winshield ice scraper, piece on back for getting through thick ice.
    1751 Cigar cutter

  5. 1746 Is this a machine for embossing metal tags? Maybe dog tags?

  6. Correct answers so far:

    1748. Screw plate
    1749. Ice scraper, though no one has the correct specifics yet
    1750. Accident report template
    1751. Cigar cutter
    1752. I'm not sure about this machine, but I did fix the errant number from 1746 to 1752.

    >1747. Something that is used to lock something up

    You're on the right track here

  7. 1748:Thread cutter or guage
    1749: Ice scraper for tour Frigidaire freezer
    1750: Accident report template
    1751: cutter for anything cylindrical and relatively soft.
    1746: Very early typewriter
    1747: crashbar door lock

  8. 1746- reminds me of stencil cutters, but hard to tell without a close up of the letters.