Thursday, October 22, 2009

Set 307

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1753. 17-1/2" long:

1754. 22" long:

Larger image

1755. Submitted by a visitor, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a prize for the correct answer:

1756. Sent in by a visitor who is looking to identify this tool:

1757. 8-1/2" square, this was marked as being used for a specific purpose:

1758. 36" long:


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  1. 1753 is a knife sharpening steel

    1755 is for shelling corn off the end of a corn cob

    1758 is a battering ram like the police use?

  2. 1753. Knife sharpening steel.
    1757. My old photo darkroom timer

  3. Yep, 1757 is a darkroom timer.

  4. 1753 sharpening steel
    1758 fence post driver

  5. yup,

    butcher's steel for touching up a knife edge; darkroom timer and a battering ram for forced entry by police. The other stuff?? dunno.

  6. 1753 cooks steel
    1754 Device for keeping a line taut.
    1755 Rope winder
    1757 Darkroom timer.

  7. I agree with most of the other guesses here.

    1754. Signal/bell/alarm to a door for a shop. The two "cups" (a bell is a cup until it is struck) snap together to make the noise.

  8. 1756 is a square recessed socket wrench, used to remove valve seats from control valves. turning the handle counterclockwise locks the wrench into position within the recessed valve seat. turning the handle to the right will cause the wrench to be ejected from the socket.