Thursday, October 8, 2009

Set 305

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1741. 4" long:

1742. 6" tall, submitted by visitor who is looking to find the purpose of this box:

1743. The cylinder is about 3" long:

1744. 16" long, from the 1840's, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this device, where they are offering a prize for the correct answer and also for the funniest:

Larger image

1745. Approximately 11' tall:

Close-up #1
Close-up #2

1746. 10-1/2" long, sent in by a visitor who would like to find the purpose of this box, it has the letters G E R stamped on the top, the words "Made in England" on the bottom, and sliding vents on both sides.


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  1. 1741: A die for attaching snaps to fabric.

    1744: A windup device to slowly rotate a hanging object.

    1745: A powered fencepost/pipe/stake driver.

  2. 1744: Like Brian said, perhaps musical for a mobile in a babies crib?

  3. 1742 - Insert long neck beer bottle through bottom with neck through hole, fill box with crushed ice around bottle, slide bottom closed, remove cap, enjoy cold beer.

  4. 1741 - head for a golf club - putter

    1742 - beehive smoker

    1744 - my first thought was that it was a Tibetan prayer wheel, but the printed design is all wrong. The windup device for a crib mobile might be right.

  5. 1746 - Just a wild shot... for carrying homing pigeons?

  6. 1746-Maybe a Blasters box,made of non-ferrous aluminum,vented for carrying explosives from storage to site.The vents would keep the contents from overheating/sweating and minimize any accumulation of gases????

  7. 1742-Brings to mind an old joke bout a mountain man's "love box"

  8. >1744: A windup device to slowly rotate a hanging object.

    Yes, but it's for a specific purpose, not for a crib as others have guessed.

    >1745: A powered fencepost/pipe/stake driver.


    >1742 - Insert long neck beer bottle through bottom with neck through hole...

    Sounds like a good use for it!

    >1741 - head for a golf club - putter

    This is correct.

    >1746-Maybe a Blasters box,made of non-ferrous aluminum...

    The owner says it appears to be made from heavy gauge stainless steel.

  9. 1742 is probably for some chemical reagent, probably an acid, to allow one-handed pouring.

  10. 1745 I would say is a well-point driver, but ....

  11. 1744: used to turn a hanging plant basket to even out the sun.

    1743: An electrical tester?

  12. 1742: resembles a ballot box of the type sometimes used to vote on new membership in some social clubs. There would be three of 'em. One full of white marbles, one white and one where the votes are deposited. The members would stick their hand in the white, then the black, then deposit their choice in the ballot box. It's thought to be where the term "blackballed" comes from.

  13. I keep thinking that 1742 is a portable egg candling box. The handle, hole, and black coloration make me believe this. If I could see it in person...

  14. I am quite certain that 1746 is an instrument box, made of stainless steel. Normally there would be a fixture inside which holds the components for a very elaborate surgical instrument. If this is your box you are very lucky to have one; it costs $250 alone.