Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Set 308

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1759. 19" long:

Larger image

Larger image

1760. 9" long, patented in 1951:

Larger image

Larger image

1761. 10-1/2" long:

1762. Sent in by a visitor, text on it reads DC10, 767, and 380:

1763. The round part is 2" diameter, on Thursday morning take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one:

1764. Submitted by a visitor who is looking to find the purpose of this item, the jar has no bottom but is ground perfectly flat, it measures 5" diameter x 12" tall, the brass fitting is 3-1/2" x 11", the tube measures 5/32" I.D. and is grooved as if a tube would be attached. Brackets at the ends of the arms apparently would clamp 1/4" rods.


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  1. 1763 is a Mace, used for fighting in the middle ages

    1764 is a Bell Jar, used for putting things in a vaccumn.

  2. 1759 wood carvers adz.

    1760 tool for tracing a pattern onto the work.

    1761 Pass

    1762 height indicator for a jetway.

    1763 throwing weight for getting a line or a strap over something. (Team?)

    1764 Vacuum chamber for something specialized, dunno what....

  3. 1764. While this is certainly a vacuum bell jar, the thumbscrew connectors might have a couple of purposes. They could merely be supports or perhaps they are used for electrical connections as in this apparatus.

    - Edward

  4. 1763 I agree that it is a mace from the middle ages

    1761 sawguage,modern-day device used for setting the saw blades on table saws

    no clue on the rest

  5. I think 1761 is just a sawblade storage holder for mounting on a pegboard.

  6. I've been wondering about 1761 but could ting qhatt the ears are for. Not sure I see "pegboard", but .....

  7. Looking again, I now see the peg-board hooks along the back edge.

    What are the "mounting lugs" on each side for--alternate mounting?

  8. 1763 - part of a "boleadora", used in south america traditionally.

  9. 1759 is a mill pick, used to sharpen mill stones. This type has a handle that will accept different size pick heads.

  10. 1764. Although this is surely vacuum pressure bell vessel, the actual thumbscrew fittings may have several purposes. They could just always be supports or maybe they are utilized pertaining to electric powered internet connections like this particular apparatus.
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  11. I don't think there is any doubt but that the thumb screws oar part of the support attachments to the rods used in support of glass-ware in a lab.