Thursday, March 24, 2011

Set 381

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2197. 11" tall:

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2198. Approximately 18" long as seen below, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this device and a chance to win a T-shirt:

The metal piece can slide up into the wooden part, numbers on it range from 15 to 25:


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2200. 10" long:

2201. The base is around 3" wide:

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These photos were sent in by Christopher Young.

2202. 5-1/4" long:

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2197. This is some kind of grain meter, haven't been able to verify exactly how it was used.

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2198. A measuring instrument for fitting a horse collar, a collar is a part of a harness that is designed to distribute the load around a horse's neck and shoulders when pulling a wagon or plow. Text on it reads "Buck Brand, Collars and Gloves."

2199. A roller proof press, used to make a trial print in order to check the composition of type while it was in the galley, and before it was sent to press. The heavy iron cylinder was guided by rails to roll at type height across a bed of type. For more information see pages 47-49 here.

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2200. An Eagle 19th Hole Putting Cup, it automatically returns the ball, the knob on the top controls the distance that the ball travels when it is returned.

2201. A hardware store display stand for a power drill:

These photos were sent in by Christopher Young.

2202. A Traveler Alarm:

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  1. 2197. Adjustable Grain Measuring Device.

    2198. (Redacted)

    2200. Golf Ball Return / Putting Machine

    2202. Battery Powered Siren

    - Edward

  2. 2197: Yes, for measuring out turn the crank and the meter tells you how much is in the sack you've put below it.
    2199: Some sort of cold press for baking or candy? I'm guessing that the tinned box is filled with ice to cool what you're rolling out on top.
    2200. Agree, a putting machine. Unlike just putting into a cup, this returns the ball to you so Don Draper doesn't have to reach under the credenza to retrieve it.
    2202. Or a horn for bicycles.

  3. 2199. Roller for leveling hand set lead type.
    2200. Agree - Putting ball return.
    2202. Agree - Bike siren.

  4. 2201 looks like a stand for a Tenor or Baritone Saxaphone.

  5. 2198 - A tailor's measuring stick for sleeve length. Curved end hooked over shoulder and pistol grip held in hand with arm extended straight down. Sleeve length read directly from scale.

  6. 2202 IS A BICYCLE HORN.


  7. 2197-test accuracy of scale
    2198-Horse collar measurer
    2199-presses the ink from the type to the paper
    2200-golf ball return
    2201-power wash hose hanger and wand holder
    2202-Girls bicycle siren