Thursday, September 8, 2011

Set 405

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2341. 7" long, take a look at Neatorama at 9:30 Eastern for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

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2342. 7/8" cubes:

2343a. The devices in these two patents served the same purpose:


2344. From two different models of a common device:

2345. 9" long, the other end of this tool looks like a sledge hammer:

2346. Around 8" long, an unidentified tool:

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2341. A cobbler's lasting tool, it was used to draw and hold leather over a last (a solid form around which a shoe is molded) when making boots and shoes:

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2342. These are Teraforma Whisky Stones which are intended to be chilled and then used in a glass of whiskey:

2343a. Both of these patents are for 'Grave Torpedos', they are explosive devices that were designed to protect against grave robbers. In the 1800s the word torpedo meant bomb or explosive, then in the early 1900s it took on its present meaning of underwater self propelled missile.
Patent number 228,651:

2343b. The pipe in the drawing below that is labeled G was used for adding black powder and a stopper, patent number RE9719:

2344. Buttons on the bottom of a Stanley and Swingline stapler, they release the anvil so it can be rotated, the second setting bends the staples outward and is used to temporarily bind documents, referred to as pinning.

2345. A railroad spike removing tool, the fork was placed against the spike and then the other end was hit with a sledge hammer.

2346. Possibly a scraper, a blade could have been held between the two parts with the ring clamping it in place.

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  1. 2342: Whiskey stones. Made for people that like whiskey "on the rocks" but don't want it diluted.

  2. 2341. Settlement accelerator, used by divorce lawyers.

    2343. Signaling devices to detect accidental live interment.

  3. 2345: a railroad track repair tool.

  4. Agree with the whiskey stones.
    2343 a&b are buttons on staplers for turning the plates around.

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