Thursday, December 29, 2011

Set 421

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2437. 10" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

2438. 15" long:

2439. 8" long:

Larger image

2440. 60" tall:

2441. 7" long:

2442. 24" long:

Larger image

Larger image


2437. A Holmes Steering Gear Clamp for towing automobiles,
"...adapted to engage both the front axle of the automobile and the connecting rod which links together the spindle arms of the front wheels so that the connection rod can be held rigidly to the axle in such position as to maintain the front wheel parallel for the purposes of enabling the disabled automobile to be towed backwards with the rear end off the ground."

Patent number 1,750,599

2438. A Crash Axe, for use by firemen or other rescue workers, originally designed for emergency use on airplanes.

2439. A mounting peg for a glass insulator on a telephone pole:

Larger image

2440. A gas powered water heater:

The one in the photo above was missing the copper tubing inside:

Patent number 1,217,133:

2441. No solid answer yet for this item, looks like it was used to adjust the height of something:

2442. A wire fence stretcher, patent number 598,526:

Larger image

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  1. 2438 is an emergency or escape axe from a wwII bomber.

    2440 seems to be an oven...

    2441 an adjustable fire hanger


  2. 2442 looks like a trucker chain binder.

  3. 2439:Squeegee handle? Well a handle for something that has both short and long handles available.

  4. 2439 - Utility pole glass insulator knob

    2440 - Water heater

  5. 2440: with the hinges, it looks more like a gas heater (aka 'stove') for a bedroom or sitting room.

  6. 2441 looks like an old victorian cooking pot hanger, This is a poor pic and I think its actually from a dolls house but it would have been hung from the bar where the kettle is