Thursday, March 28, 2013

Set 486

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2827. Approximately 4" long:

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2828. Sent in by someone who would like to find the purpose of this device:

The owner's description:
The part at the top is an eyepiece.
It says Pat. Pending on the bottom, no Patent Number.
There is a motor inside that runs.
The knob on the side locks the cartridge to the body of the machine.
The thee disks have a hole in the center, very small and difficult to see, they all have marks on them, two lines, three lines etc.
The center cartridge contacts the motor wheel inside the housing and spins a disk. The spindles also have marks on them.
It does not have a light source.
Received from a widow of a river boat captain

2829. 11" long:

Larger image

2830. 8" long:

Larger image

Larger image

2831. 2-1/4" diameter, submitted by a visitor who is looking to identify this piece of non-magnetic metal:

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Larger image

2832. Around 14" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win one of their funny T-shirts:

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2827. This is a woodworker's bench dog, it was pounded into a workbench and would have kept a workpiece in position during planing, sawing, etc., patent number 941,816:

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2828. No answer yet for this device:

2829. A Tanto knife or short sword:

Larger image

2830. This is a scraping tool, patent number 2,590,966:

Larger image

Larger image

2831. Not 100% sure on this one but it looks similar to a Moqui disk, which has an iron shell and a sandstone interior:

2832. This is a Brewer's Lamp, it could have been hung by the hook or stuck into a post or barrel, patent number 187,839:

Larger image

An update from last week:
2824. This is a rake that is missing its tines, several people had suggested this answer so I asked the owner to take another look at this tool and they confirmed that there are broken tines on it:

Larger image

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  1. 2829 a Tanto fighting knive?
    2830 a tool for smoothing surfaces.
    2831 a used cannon ball?
    2832 a miner's lamp?

  2. 2829 - Knife with a tanto style grind to the blade. In theory, they are better at puncturing armor, most folks buy them because they "look cool" - could be any one of hundreds of makers

  3. >2829 a Tanto fighting knive?
    >2830 a tool for smoothing surfaces.

    These two are correct

    >2831 a used cannon ball?

    Not sure about this one

    >2832 a miner's lamp?

    It wasn't for use by miners

  4. 2828 looks like it's for use in the textile industry? Some kind of thread inspector?

  5. 2828 Looks like a pice of a vinyl disk cutter,