Thursday, October 30, 2008

Set 256

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1447. 72" tall, c. 1885:

Larger image

1448. 9-1/2" long, these two stretched springs are sold as a set:

In use they are twisted together so they are held in place by friction:

1449. This box is 4" long:

A wedge is attached to the bottom:

1450. 14" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this tool:

1451. 8" long:

1452. 2-1/2" long:


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  1. 1451. Sold today as a paper shredder.

  2. 1450 - cedar shake/shingle cutter, blade goes near edge of log, and you step on the extension to slice off a shingle

    1450 - scissors for making ribbons?

    1452 - clamp that holds a plane blade at the correct angle for sharpening

  3. 1451: A "manual" document shredder?

  4. Paper or document shredder is correct.

  5. # 1449 = box type turkey call, of course!

  6. The Stanley device is a depth stop for drilling holes with a brace and bit.

  7. Very interesting post. Esp. your stands accustomed to keep the go. I wouldn't have noticed this without any help. Will have to look carefully at previous pictures to see this function.