Thursday, January 22, 2009

Set 268

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1519. 12-7/8" tall:

1520. 1" x 7/8", the other side looks the same:

1521. 7-3/4" long:

1522. 8-1/2" long:

1523. 9-1/2" long, from the 1920's, submitted by a visitor:

For more guesses on this tool, take a look at Neatorama.

1524. 9" long:


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  1. 1519 coin dispenser
    1520 hammer/axe eye wedge
    1521 battery tester
    1523 glassblowing tool?
    1524 blowtorch for heating soldering irons

  2. I'm with Canem -- 1523 is a glass-blowers shaping tool.

    I'll be interested in seeing what 1522 is--some kind of assembler's jig I'd guess.