Thursday, April 2, 2009

Set 278

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1579. The owner of these tools is looking to find out what they are for:

Larger image

1580. 22" long:

Larger image

1581. This belongs to someone who would like to know if it was made for a particular purpose:

1582. 10" long:

1583. 6-1/2" long, another unidentified tool sent in by a visitor, the owner's description:
The back has a wing nut to lock the rotation of the part with the lever. When the eccentric cam is turned with the lever it closes against the large dowel to lock anything in-between.

1584. Approximately 11" long, for more guesses on this device and a chance to win a t-shirt, take a look at Neatorama.


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  1. 1584 removes dried corn from the cob.

  2. 1579 - Jig for sharpening plane irons?

    1580 - Flooring saw for starting cuts in the middle of a board?

  3. 1581 - a pasta crimper for ravioli or such things?

    1582 - a caliper(?) for blocks of ice?

  4. 1581. The fixed part of an ink dauber for a Gutenberg style printing press.

  5. 1579 wood lathe toolholders
    1580 saw for starting cut in middle of board
    1581 butter press
    1582 ice tongs
    1583 no idea
    1584 corn husker/sheller.

  6. 1579 Tire re-grooving irons.
    1580 Ship Wright's saw.
    1581 [pass] Ink dauber looks possible.
    1582 Rail or I-beam carrier
    1583 [pass] (seabag draw-string stop?)
    1584 Corn sheller--I've cranked them.