Thursday, April 23, 2009

Set 281

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1597. 7" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this piece:

Larger image

1598. 9-1/2" long:

1599. The box measures around 7" x 8":

1600. 28-1/2" long:

1601. 18" tall:

1602. Approximately 7" long:

Larger image

Larger image


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  1. 1598 looks like the linkage betweent a boat and an outboard motor.

    1600 looks like it uproots objects

    1601 is a pesticide sprayer, the handle has a pump in it

    1602 looks like it goes on a piece of wood that you push over a plane so it works like a thicknesser

    (1599, on the second photo have you mirrored it? sneaky :D )

  2. 1599 Holder for a telegraph sounder?
    1601 Bug sprayer or used to fight grass fires.

  3. 1598 - Towing part of a horse-drawn farm implement (don't think off a plow, though)?
    Agree with 1599 and 1601.

  4. 1601 is a 5 gallon backpack water tank & hand operated sprayer used for fighting brush, woods & forest fires that are too remote to lay hose to. Commonly called an "Indian Tank"

  5. 1598 - I have something similar to this. I believe it's part of a winch or block and tackle set. Pins go through the holes and allow you to get different leverage. I have no idea what a complete setup looks like.

    1601 - An Indian Tank (I believe these are now referred to as Native American Tanks). As mentioned they're used for putting out brush fires. You have to be very careful not to trip while you're wearing one because the weight of the tank and water will put you in a world of hurt when you hit the ground.

    1602 - Looks like a clamp. I'm guessing the pins bite into a board and the handle is used to pull another board tight against it?

  6. >1599, on the second photo have you mirrored it?

    Yes it was mirrored, I did it because I liked the angle better than the original.

    Correct answers so far:
    1598. part of farm machinery
    1599. telegraph sounder holder
    1601. sprayer/fire extinguisher