Thursday, May 7, 2009

Set 283

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1609. 3" tall:

1610. 18" long:

Larger image

The two parts on the end can be rotated:

Larger image

1611. Around 4" diameter:

1612. Approximately 5" long:

1613. 41" tall, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt.

Close-up image of the top

1614. Submitted by a visitor who is looking to find out the exact purpose of this device, the view through the scope has some gradations from 0 to 5 left to right, and text on it reads "Ernst Leitz Wetzlar #261615":

Close-up of the level


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  1. 1609 Motometer and radiator cap from an early automobile.

  2. 1611 Timken roller bearing

  3. 1609. Boyce Motometer radiator cap agreed with previous poster.

    1610. Tool rest for metal spinning operation on a lathe. A metal spinning spoon is placed in the frog of the device which is mounted to the lathe. The bar is then moved along with the spoon to provide leverage in the spinning operation.

    1611. A rather worn bearing. Spalling is observable on many of the rollers.

  4. Correct answers so far:

    1609. Boyce Motometer radiator cap
    1611. Timken roller bearing

  5. 1612 could be a go/not go gauge for sizing things


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