Thursday, May 28, 2009

Set 286

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1627. Approximately 36" long:

Larger image

When the handle is closed it causes the point to rotate:

1628. Around 21" long:

Larger image

1629. 6-1/2" tall:

1630. 6-3/4" long:

1631. Submitted by a visitor who is looking to find the specific purpose for this device:

It has foam pads, bristle brushes, and wire brushes, text on it reads:
1978 Southbury MFG Corp
South Britain, Conn.
Pat Pend, Made in USA

1632. 12" long:


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  1. 1631

    Battery-operated brush and scrubber. No specific application, just general crud-busting :)

  2. 1630 Holder for microscope slides.

  3. I've got a tool holder that uses something like 1628 to told a tool in place (specifically, a little stand for an angle grinder that makes it a tiny chop saw).

    Of course, the piece I have like that is cheap and plastic, but there are about 4 of them that are adjusted tighter/looser to hold the angle grinder in place.

  4. 1628 is a turnbuckle of some kind, of course.

  5. 1628 Part of a framed wood saw. The assembly shown was used to tension the blade. Referred to as a "saw rod" in old catalogs.

  6. 1627 A hay fork.

  7. 1627 is a spike for going into a hay bale so it can be lifted into a loft.

    1632 I think is a timing light.

  8. #1629
    It looks like a pulley/gear puller.

  9. Correct answers so far:

    1627. Hay fork
    1628. Saw rod
    1630. Microscope slide box
    1631. General purpose cleaner
    1632. Timing light