Thursday, June 25, 2009

Set 290

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1651. Approximately 5" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one:

1652. 2" long, submitted by visitor who is looking to find information on this piece:

Larger image

1653. 14" long:

Larger image

1654. 2-3/4" diameter:

A view of the inside:

Larger image

1655. 6-3/4" long, this set of unidentified instruments was found in Yugoslavia and was sent in by a visitor who would like to know how they were used:

The top four are labeled 32, 30, 23 and 19. Each of them has a small rotating geared wheel at the tip. The largest wheel is on the #30 instrument, the #23 is smaller, and the #19 is smaller that the #23. The top one, #32 is somewhere in-between, and is configured differently, looking somewhat like a pen. The tool at the bottom has a point on one end and a small ball on the other.

The increments are 1/16":

1656. Around 2" long:


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  1. 1654. Diaphram fuel pump.Used on small engines (mabee golf cart)
    2 of the ports are in & out, The 3rd uses crankcase pressure pulse to make it work.

  2. 1652 - For measuring distances on a map? The large numbers appear to be map scales.

    1654 - Agree with anon. Micuni is a carb. manufacturer.

    1655 - Leather-marking tools?

  3. 1655 Gun Stock Checkering tools

    1656 Horse shoe nails

  4. The tools in 1655 look like wheels used to mark stitching spacing on leather, closer together for finer work or farther apart for thicker leather.

    The ones I have are marked with how many stitches to the inch (eg, 7 or 12). I would imagine that in Europe they might be marked with something more related to the metric system, so the numbers might be different. (32 stitches to the inch would destroy leather; perhaps it's 32 teeth on the wheel, or 32 stitches per some other unit of length.)

    They look very blunt, though, and my stitch marking wheels are sharp.

    I think there's a use for a similar wheel in other crafts, but I don't know that use. I'm sure there are other uses besides crafts for toothed wheels.

  5. #1653 is a tool i have actually used before - it is a wood lathe tool - you use it when you need to make multiple pieces with exactly the same diameter. I used it when helping a friends' grandfather make home-made hay rakes.
    #1655 is for tooling designs into leather.

  6. 1651 looks like a mouth screw for people who have seizures.

  7. I think 1651 is probably a sail-maker or sailors tool for working with rope. A fid.

  8. 1654) Is actually a fuel mixer, which goes on the fuel lines before the carby.

    1653) Is an outside micrometer

    1652) I THINK this is for calculating trajectory.

    1655) Does look like a stock checking tool set for rifles

    1656) Obviously hore shoe nails.

  9. 1651-Emergency diarrhea control device?;^)

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