Thursday, August 13, 2009

Set 297

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1693. 3-3/4" long:

From Bob Roger's collection

1694. 7" long, submitted by a visitor who would like to know what this tool is for:

1695. 3" long, sent in by a visitor who is looking for some information on this item, it's a thick wire coated in rubber, a 24" long, 3/4" diameter dowel was attached to the screw:

1696. Approximately 14' long:

Larger image

Larger image

Another model of the same machine:

Larger image

1697. 58" tall:

1698. Around 16' tall:

Larger image


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  1. 1695 - Looks like a support for networking cables, usually part of a longer plate on which several of these are attached.

    1697 - A safe... with supports for guns?

    1698 - Two gantry cranes.

  2. 1696 Hay baler
    1698 Gantry crane

  3. 1695- Fishing rod holder
    1696- Hay Baler
    1697- Gun Rack for a safe door
    1698- Gantry crane used for moving boats.

  4. Correct answers so far:

    1696. Hay baler
    1697. Gun safe
    1698. Gantry crane for boats

  5. 1693 - A tool for drilling a hole in plastic/copper pipe.

    1694 - A custom made screw driver for an odd/security screw OR a scraper for sizing small pieces of wood molding.

    1695 - An electrician's tool for hooking and moving wires around.