Thursday, August 20, 2009

Set 298

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1699. Submitted by a visitor who is looking to identify this piece of hardware that was found in the deserts of Nevada:

1700. The head of this tool is 10-1/2" long and can freely rotate, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one:


1701. These levers control something that everyone is familiar with although most people probably haven't seen it up close:

Larger image

1702. Approximately 12' long:

Larger image

1703. About 2-1/2" tall, the part in the middle is spring returned to the position shown and can pivot about an axis on its left side, from the late 1800's:

1704. Around 20" tall:


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  1. 1699 is a clip from an ammunition belt. That is a continuous belt of bullets for a machine gun. As the rounds are fed into the chamber the spent shells are ejected one way and the clips are ejected another.

  2. 1702 is the load used in a truck/tractor pulling contest.

  3. 1699: Yes, specificaly a .50 caliber from the size. (The smallest loop looks to be ~.50" ID rather than .30" ID.)

  4. I agree with the above and I think 1701 is for controlling the scenery in a theater.

  5. Ref: 1701 - I think it's theater connected, but more like a lighting control panel.

  6. 1704 Looks like a Faraday Disk for generating small currents

  7. So uh - where are the answers to what it is?

    Cant seem to find anywhere.

  8. 1703 Some sort of fast acting rope holding cleat.

  9. 1704. Sure looks like a small mill stone.

    - Edward

  10. 1701 is the operating controls for some sort of hydraulic or pneumatic machine.

  11. Correct answers so far:
    1699. Machine gun ammo belt
    1702. Tractor pull sled

    >where are the answers to what it is?

    The answers will be posted on Friday evening, answers for all previous posts can be found at the link after the last photo in the set.

    >1703 Some sort of fast acting rope holding cleat.

    This is close to correct

    >1701 is the operating controls for some sort of hydraulic or pneumatic machine

    Yes, they are hydraulic controls

  12. 1701 - part of a church organ, maybe?

  13. 1701 Levers for ringing a carillon perhaps.